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Card Game

4 great card games

The card game is great for playing with family. They are very easy to find. These days practically everyone has a stack of cards.

So now we have a play card we must learn to play with them. Here are 5 of my favorite card games, (excluding poker games).

1. Rummy 500. My favorite card game number 1 must be Rummy 500. I am not a big fan of other Rummy games, I look like other Rummy games draw cards and hope you are lucky, I can be lucky, I can go wrong. The best thing about this game is that you can be creative and think of ways to get more points, like getting more cards in your hands. The more cards you have in your hands, the more points you can make. You only need to make sure your opponent doesn’t come out when you hold too many cards.

2. Slap Jack. This game is very simple, but very pleasant. You take turns putting the card facing up until someone puts a jack. Then everyone tried to slap him, the first person to do it had to take all the cards. The thing I like about this game even when you go out, you can return. Other games can be boring if you come out first.

3. Crazy eight. This game is very similar to Uno, only you can play it with 52 standard card decks. I like this game just because I like playing Uno. Simple like that.

4. War. War is still a great game as far as I know, easy to learn, fun to play what else are you looking for in card games? It’s still based on luck, which is not my favorite thing, but it’s fun.

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